some sample assignments

Please feel free to use and adapt in whatever way works for you! I only ask that you provide attribution to me (and my sources) in any online or print publications!

(assignments will be posted in Jan/Feb 2019, as I revise for spring 2019 courses. I am happy to share in advance; just email me!)

SCS 2019 HANDOUT: “Creating Inclusivity with Material Culture in Civilization and History Survey Courses” forCentering the Margins: creating inclusive syllabi (workshop)


  • Making a Roman Monument: Students read a fictional biography of a Roman emperor and are asked to design a monument for that emperor, with reference to previous artistic, social, thematic trends. (old version, Fall 2015)
  • Trashed!: A module on how archaeologists use material culture and trash to interpret the past.
  • Walking tour of UNCG: assignment and website for a digital walking tour of classically-influenced architecture at UNC Greensboro, made by Roman Archaeology (CCI 212) honors students in Spring 2019 and in collaboration with the University Libraries via the UNCG Digital Partners Grant.
  • Mapping Assignment: Using Omeka + Neatline plugin, students work in groups to map an ancient revolt/resistance movement across time and space (fall 2017 capstone assignment)
  • Workshops/Handouts/Activities
    • Cleopatra
    • Zenobia
    • The Destruction of Pompeii
    • Diocletian’s Price List & the cost of living in Rome
  • Role Playing & Reacting to the Past
    • The Heirs of Alexander the Great: a RTTP game which takes place after the death of Alexander. 2-4 (or longer) days. Email for materials, gamebook, info.
    • Roman Revolution! (one-day role-playing scenario: students form a new government after overthrowing Tarquinius Superbus)