big page of digital resources

The page below, intended for students but more broadly accessible, includes links and a description of online resources, databases, and tools for the study of the ancient world.

numismatic databases

Roman Provincial Coinage (RPC) Online: online database for the Roman Provincial Coinage project, which is developing a typology of coins from the Roman provinces

American Numismatic Society Collections Database (MANTIS): online collection of the American Numismatic Society

Nomisma: Stable Numismatic Concepts

OCRE: Online Coins of the Roman Empire

CHRR: Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic

CRRO: Coinage of the Roman Republic Online

PELLA: Coinage of the Macedonian Kings of the Argead Dynasty

Corpus Nummorum Thracorum: online database/collection of coinage from Thrace the 6th c. BCE-4th c. CE

Severan Database Project: online database of Severan-period coinage, eventually as part of the Roman Provincial Coinage series; includes databases on Severan provincial coinage, on Severan period coin hoards, and a database collecting inscriptions of Julia Domna

thematic databases/maps

Roman Sacred Buildings: project mapping Roman temples throughout the empire; can search by deity, date, orientation + more

Digital Augustan Rome: online mapping project exploring the cityscape of Rome under Augustus

Myths on Maps: explore the spatial and geographic dimensions of myths across the map of the Mediterranean; includes clickable texts, lists of characters and groups

Migration of Faith: Clerical Exile in Late Antiquity: prosopological research project tracing clerical movements and exile across the Mediterranean in late antiquity (coming soon)

GeoDia: project presenting images of material culture from the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, searchable and browsable by date, culture, region

Lexicon of Greek Personal Names: searchable database project of Greek personal names from 8th c. BCE to late antiquity.

Tesserae: search for intertexts within and between Greek and Latin texts

The Chicago Homer

epigraphy and papyrology databases

Packard Humanities Institute Greek Inscriptions: includes transcribed inscriptions from many of the standard collections

Epigraphy Database Heidelberg: inscriptions from across the Roman empire

Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine: database of inscriptions from the 6th c. BCE-640 CE

OCIANA: Online Corpus of the Inscriptions of Ancient North Arabia

Inscriptions of Aphrodisias

Inscriptions Christianae Graecae: online database of early Christian inscriptions from the Greek East

POxy: Oxyrhynchus Online: online database for the Oxyrhynchus Papyri aggregate database for ancient papyri

Curse Tablets of Roman Britain: searchable database, with pages on historical context of findspots, an introduction to curse tablets

List of online resources for Greek epigraphy via the Sara B. Aleshire Center for the Study of Greek Epigraphy (@ Berkely)

Epigraphic database list from the Catacomb Society

maps/mapping tools

pelagios: peripleo

Recogito: extremely versatile and useful mapping and annotating tool from pelagios (also easy to use)

pleiades: gazetteer of ancient places in the Mediterranean

leaflet: open-source javascript library for making online maps

neatline: a series of plugins for Omeka that allows users to create interactive deep maps which can be linked to objects and entries in an Omeka database

palladio: visualize data as networks or on a map

digitalmappa: create free digitally annotated maps, images, and texts

storymaps: (from ArcGIS) create interactive maps, texts, exhibits, and interactive tours

storymapJS: (from KnightLab) create maps that tell stories

TimelineJS: for making interactive timelines

google tour builder: create a guided tour on google base maps, with limited annotations and the ability to upload youtube videos as interactive features

storylineJS: (from Knightlab) annotate data visualizations

3D models/modeling

cultural heritage + history @ sketchfab: 3D models of art, architecture, landscapes; you can download and annotate models easily, too

text analysis/annotation

Hypothesis: an annotation tool that works with websites, pdfs, your own documents, group annotations; can also download and install as a plugin for your website

Voyant: reading and analysis tool (copy/paste or upload document; produces word clouds, document trends, links between words + more)

Prism: collaborative annotation

databases/data visualizations/misc

Omeka: online collection, database, exhibit builder; lots of plugins available to extend functionality (see neatline below)

Scalar: an online publishing tool where you can create interactive projects, including annotated images, timelines, maps, and websites

WTFcsv: an easy-to-use tool that pulls out major trends from a spreadsheet and displays them through graphs and word clouds

Up-Goer-Five Text Editor: an online text editor that allows you to use only the 1000 most used words

Cytoscape: visualize network data and more

Gephi: data visualization tool

ConnectTheDots: a tool that mines your spreadsheet data to create a network

RawGraphs: a data visualization tool for graphs with easy input

SameDiff: (another tool) discover similarities and differences between multiple text files